Newgrounds Art portal!

2009-05-25 12:56:20 by Denn-C

Check my Art! :D for requests leave a comment or pm me plz:D


Newgrounds Art portal!


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2009-05-25 12:57:03

laptops are awsome.

Denn-C responds:

They sure are, only mine isn't


2009-05-25 14:53:21

my laptop came with all the above and less.
I spent a total of 120 buck and now have 3gb RAM and 200 gb hdd and a dual core processor. I have virtual RAM that is in excess of 11 gb. you have to learn to computer before you call them shit.

Denn-C responds:

I was talking about my own laptop here lol.. i just need a fucking better one then this one:S xD


2009-06-16 06:29:19

Wanna make me a sweetass logo? WIth bright colours?

Denn-C responds:

Suuuure, i just got to learn some about illustrator.. :P Im concentrating on vector now.. So it might take a while:D I also just redownloaded the whole package so it'll take time before is installed it too:P:S
But i'll do it yeh>D


2009-06-19 19:17:12

Could you not leave abusive reviews on my art? Ok, thanks.