2009-08-05 16:55:38 by Denn-C

Hi folks:D
I've not been very active on community websites lately.. So please dont judge my art as what it is, these pics suck:D

I made something for Beatsource, im now his official graph designer=D
B0unc3 also requested a cover, so did Monodisc, and some other guys:D
Thanx to beaty for makng me alittlebit more popular in this world=D

Well, here is a cover to see how good/bad im atm=D Tell me what you think of it, mail me at for requests:D or pm me here:D



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2009-08-09 09:30:50

dude thats insane! i love how it looks, so pro! shit man can you do one for me?

Denn-C responds:

yeh sure;p


2009-11-26 20:48:45

How u made this?